Intia-päivä - India day

Founded in 2016, Team India day is a not-for-profit group of Finnish, Indian nationals, regional associations and personnel from Embassy of India in Helsinki who have joined their hands to make this event a great success.

Intia-päivä - India day
Founders, Hosts and Organizing Committee

India Day event is organized by Suomi Intia Seura Oy and various Indian regional associations in Finland, under the active supervision of the Embassy of India since 2016. In 2017, India Day was included in the calendar of events for the 100th Anniversary of Finland’s Independence.
Organized by

Suomi Intia Seura ry is friendship association that acts as a community of people interested in India and Indian culture. Their aim is to promote social interaction between Finns and Indians living in Finland and increase the knowledge of Indian culture in Finland.

Embassy of India to Finland and Estonia is an overseas Indian consulate that takes care of the Diplomatic relations between Finland and India. The Embassy is also jointly accredited to Estonia and is devoted to promote the Indian culture in Finland.

Intia-päivä - India day
Regional Associations

India is a land of various cultures, languages and geographies. The regional associations listed below represent different cultures from India in Finland and have played an active role towards success of Intia-päivä - India day.